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​Eat Everything On That Plate

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Eat Everything On That Plate

Chargrilled salmon with asparagus -Healthy size meal

"You are not leaving the table until you have eaten everything on that plate." This was a common phrase used at the dinner table when I was a child and indeed I learned to eat everything given to me. It was seen to be "rude or offensive" to not accept treats that were offered by others. A toxic food culture that started generations before me and ends right here with me!

There are many factors to consider when you are looking at a healthy lifestyle. We all know activity level and food intake are important because it's the most widely talked about. Other things that effect your health are hormones, medications, sun exposure, sleep patterns, all of which I will touch on in later publications.

Portion control is a great place to start if you want to lose weight! In fact it's key in achieving natural weight loss. It's pointless supplementing with a weight loss shake for one meal and over eating for the other meals or snacking all day long on the wrong foods. Forget about eating everything on your plate! Eat slowly! Enjoy your food! And stop eating BEFORE you feel full. The food you consume will expand in your tummy to make you feel full after you have eaten.

Stop going through the list of calorie diet, Atkins diet, carb diet, raw food diet, quick and easy diet plans or any "diet" and learn how to have a healthy lifestyle. Eat, Play, Live!

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